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"Bow Hunting"

Our bow hunting area contains some excellent terrain to help insure your success. In addition, much of the area is restricted to foot access only, providing that extra edge.

Archery Moose hunts during the rut:

In Alberta, the breeding season, or rut, begins in mid-September and runs to through the first week or so of October. Moose sometimes take more than one mate, but usually a bull stays with a particular cow for as long as it will take for the cow to complete her estrus cycle and be bred. The bull will then begin searching for his next girlfriend. 

During the first phase it can be a challenge to lure a bull away from a cow.  It is much easier to get the bull to respond during the second part of the rut when he is actively looking for second mate.

Our archery moose hunts are conducted in late September to early October when the moose are most likely to be actively pursuing a second mate. Our archery hunt takes place in one of Alberta's premier moose areas and  you can be assured that it will be an adventure of a life time.  It is not uncommon the see a large number of moose while on this hunt and P&Y moose are not uncommon.  Harvesting one of these great animals is a test of your skill but the opportunity will be there. 

Whether you are on a stalk or the moose is coming into the call, there is not greater  thrill than to face one of these 2000+ pound animals with only your bow in hand.

For movie clips of what's in store for you if you book this archery moose hunt, watch the following

Clips of Bull Moose During the Rut


Note: As our guilds are paid only a nominal daily fee, with the largest portion of their remuneration being a  bonus based on the size of the the trophy  you harvest, you can be assured that they will do their best to ensure your chances are best at tagging the biggest trophy in the area.

Included in our bow hunting packages are:

  • Your Alberta W.I.N. (Wildlife Identification Number),

  • Moose hunting allocation,

  • Licensed guide,

  • Field care of your trophy,

  • Meals,

  • Accommodations (Hotel, Motels, or Private Residence),

  • Hunting stands,

The archery moose hunt is conducted during the peak of the rut.

Expenses before and after your hunt, hunting licenses, GST, butcher, taxidermy and shipping fees home, are not included in the price of your hunt.


Please write, phone, or e-mail us your phone number for specific information and bookings. 

Your host for the hunt,

Michael Terry
(Registered & Bonded)
Alberta Professional Outfitters Society

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